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Creative Sales & Marketing Ideas for Insurance Agents in 2018

Insurance is one of the vast industry that has a hugely competitive market. Insurers need to think outside the box to stand out among their competitors. A little creativity in marketing plans will help to grow your client base faster than you might have thought.

Here are the best ways for insurance agents to boost their marketing strategies efficiently:

1. Use effective methods for outlining new strategy. It will help you to regularly track where every new business is coming from & which marketing strategy is suitable

2. Use the strong referral program that rewards existing & new customers

3. Be quick & responsive to your client's need. It will enhance your customer satisfaction as well as you will have an excellent opportunity to get more referrals on positive feedbacks

4. Listen to your client's concern & answer them thoroughly is vital for maintaining mutual trust

5. Try to connect with commercial sites to include a link in their website of your agency's website to enhance traffic.

6. Make your website mobile-friendly to ease the browsing efficiency of users. Keep updating your website regularly with lucrative business offers to attract more customers.

7. Monitor your online reviews on sites such as Google, Yelp, yellow pages, Facebook etc., carefully because it will play a vital role in making or breaking your agency's reputation.

8. Automate your emails and make sure you optimize social media marketing strategies to the fullest as it is the most suitable & time-saving way to reach your audience consistently.

9. Don't use the social media profile to share information related to insurance. Get creative & informative content that will engage more audience like: ask questions or share thoughts, current market trends, business videos, advanced technology etc.

10. Track your lead sources. Know exactly where your leads come from. It will help you know which of your marketing dollars are working for you and which you are wasting.

11. Come out of your comfort zone to get some fresh ideas. Read articles, explore your competitor's sites, and attend conferences or webinars to enhance your knowledge about your industry.

12. Don't hesitate to use new technologies because innovation will help you to change the way you sell your services.

13. Invest in online marketing strategies like SEO, PPC, Emails, Brand promotion, and video marketing etc., to achieve better success online.

Above are the simplest marketing ideas that will help you to streamline your insurance business performance & enhance profits without spending much.

Apart from this, insurance businesses that don't have time to focus on their marketing strategies can prefer to outsource insurance back-office operations and stay focused on what's the best for their agency. 

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